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All the infos you need to care for your item are here, so it lasts longer,

make sure you read the section below to prevent most & future issues.


AVOID : temperature jump, sharp objects, submerging in liquid, oils.

It's really important to store your unworn jewelry in a closed container (dark, cool & dry area) like a jewelry box to block the UV light, prevent too drastic temperature changes, tarnish, water and other '' accidents ''. 


In general, jewelry can be cleaned with mild dish soap, little warm water, a non abrasive cloth (included)

(( Be careful, some type of cloths could scratch the resin surface or make the shininess go away! ))


Please think about removing your jewelry when showering, swimming or putting on perfume or lotion.

Avoiding these things helps prevent and slow down metal tarnish, which happens to all metals over time.

So, water doesn't have a negative effect on resin, but it does encourage tarnish on metal.


AVOID : using as a toy, water or submerging in liquid, oils, fire.

Keep in mind most boxes are wooden, other than that, this section doesn't require maintenance.


AVOID : folding it, sharp objects, any form of liquid, fire.

To ensure product safety during shipment, all prints are packaged rolled. Before framing, you will need to maintain the prints unrolled (for half to an hour before depending) with heavy but smooth items at home.


We suggest you purchase fitting frames before purchasing our prints so that all risks are minimized or none.


DIGITAL ART: After your purchase, check your e-mails for the illustration to download & print as wanted!


AVOID : bleach, black & white laundry washing, fire.

Wash it like you would normally, other than that, this section doesn't require maintenance.

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