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Arte Immortalem, translating to 'immortal art' in Latin,

also embodies the moniker 'immortal em,' my preferred designation. :)

Early on, my fascination with jewelry began with the exploration of reactive pigment paints, particularly enamored by the dragon scales effect. This curiosity propelled me to experiment with various pigments extensively.

Initially, the entirety of my inventory comfortably fit within the Luna Altar Box, with the Eclipse Altar Box serving as my inaugural display on a local selling platform. Reflecting on these humble beginnings evokes a sense of awe at the passage of time.

Maintaining sustainability practices, I repurpose shipping materials and source supplies from my daytime occupations, ensuring no additional cost burden for patrons. Beneath the minimalist exterior of each package lies a thoughtful reuse of resources.

Many illustrations featured in the Colouring Pages were originally conceived for tattoo designs. Evolving from sketches to fully realized art, they now serve a dual purpose in a physical Colouring Book.

For those interested, a Tattoo Pass is available, granting the opportunity to adorn oneself with one or more of my designs.

Driven by a commitment to personal growth, I continuously pave the way for change, expanding my artistic horizons. My journey is an ongoing exploration of self-discovery, and I eagerly anticipate the challenges and triumphs it may bring.

For further insights into Arte Immortalem or the artist behind it, feel free to reach out and connect.


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