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it means immortal art in Latin, double it as immortal em which is my prefered name. :)

The first jewelry colors available were reactive pigment paints and I remember having a true obsession for the dragon scales effect. Curiosity has led me into trying all sorts of pigments.

The whole ''Shop'' inventory used to fit into the Luna Altar Box and the Eclipse Altar Box used to be my very first display at a local selling site! It's amazing to see them & how fast time went by.

I still upcycle my shipping material and many other supplies from my daytime jobs, this way no one pays for it. Don't be fooled by the minimalistic appearance of your package and look inside!

Most of the illustrations in the Colouring Pages were intended for tattoo work. Some sketches, designs and some art created to fit the new purpose: the making of a physical Colouring Book.

Pssst... You can buy a Tattoo Pass and earn the right to have one (or +) of my designs tattooed!

I'm constantly sweeping the path, making space for change and I'm willing to expand my ways to achieve myself artistically. All I want to see is how far I can go in this adventure of self-discovery.

Contact me if you wish to know more about Arte Immortalem or the artist behind it!


Ο σχολιασμός έχει απενεργοποιηθεί.