1st  orders : cleaning cloth & lucky Scroll


25$ + orders : Arte Immortalem holo sticker

50$ + orders : Arte  sticker + mystery crystal

65$ + orders : same  benefits + FREE shipping!


Each time you buy jewelry with the symbol "𓃠" (in description) 

I will donate a percentage to a non-profit organization!

For love and the public interest, their goal is to reduce feline overpopulation.


To support the cause and for more informations visit their Facebook page! (QC, CAN.)

 Les félins sans toit 


This is a one person team and I put my whole heart into it!

 Please take the time to read.  Thanks, you're awesome!


In order to stay punctual in store management & to keep up with my very creative lifestyle,

aaall the updates are announced randomly on instagram (in bio) with sneak peeks!

Also, I try to keep a regular pattern by updating items to the website at 9 pm (EDT).

Follow Arte Immortalem on any social media for new arrivals and projects progress.

To be notified with exclusive previews try the new CAULDRON OF THE FUTURE!

Depending on the computer / device settings, details like colors may vary.

Most items in the shop are handmade and individually described with photos.

NOTE: Each jewel creation is unique but the finish may not be 100% peftect, 

I'm working on a way to grade my jewelry. More infos to come.

friendly reminder

Lithotherapy is part of alternative energy therapies, it does not replace so-called
modern medicine, for any medical/health problems please consult your doctor.

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